Designing the On-Boarding


On-Boarding Objectives

1) Communicate the over-arching concept behind the Getmii platform

2) Teach the user how you can post to connect with people nearby

3) Add value to the app for a first-time user. i.e. convince them to log-in and continue on

4,5,6) Have users allow Location Access, Log-In with FB, and Enable Push Notifications (all aspects to great the best experience, and help retention.


On-Boarding Flow v1



  • Nice design
  • Somewhat quick


  • Forcing log-in without adding value to the product
  • Complicated concept, that's not clearly explained
  • User's miss the most import part

This felt like a great solution, when looking at the first 3 screens. It was a quick process, that users could easily fly through. Most users ended up enabling Push Notifications, but missed the education aspect in the last 2 views. The whole flow also ended up being too text-heavy, which no-one reads. So by the time the user landed on the feed, they had a somewhat average experience, with zero education on what the app they've downloaded does or how it works.


On-Boarding Flow v2



  • Visually communicates the concept of Getmii
  • Very engaging & sticky
  • Provides value to app before asking for Location/Log-In


  • May take more time
  • Somewhat of a learning curve with Press & Hold

We found that by adding a creative spin to the on-boarding, we were able to give the user an experience that delighted and surprised them, before they even entered the app.


The Final Product